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  • Linda Masterson and Cory Phillips after the fire

    How to Help Wildfire Survivors

    by Linda Masterson, author of Surviving Wildfire TIP #1: Never Say “It’s Just Stuff” “Thank God you got out alive. Everything else is just stuff that can be replaced.” People mean well, but you may make survivors feel guilty about mourning personal treasures that truly [...]

  • Are You ‘Ready’ for Wildfires?

    I recently attended the Wildland Urban Interface Conference hosted by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and its Ready, Set, Go! Program. In addition to attending classes, I received an Award of Excellence for my agency (South Metro Fire Rescue) for its commitment to wildfire [...]

  • Celebrate Safely on Independence Day

    The volume of illegal fireworks getting used in my neighborhood suggests Independence Day is almost here. Any fireworks that leave the ground or explode are illegal for private use under Colorado state law. Other states have different laws as do counties, cities and homeowners associations. [...]

  • Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed-cover slice

    Costa Rica’s Fascinating History Recorded

    Following his popular Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate book, author Jack Ewing delves into a tumultuous yet fascinating history of the south-central Pacific coast of Costa Rica in his second book, Where Tapirs and Jaguars [...]

  • Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate book

    Costa Rica Book “Definitely Worth Reading”

    - Review of Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate, by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April, 2017 When we first got the book my 10-year-old said, “Mom, why does the title say that monkeys [...]

  • cleaning snow off solar array

    Life as a Watt Farmer

    Most of us in most places hardly ever give a moment's thought to electricity. At least not most of the time. We don't wonder how many pounds of coal has to be fed into the [...]

  • Plugged Into the Midwest Sun & Wind

    To hear Carole Brannon tell it, you’d think her life had become a fairytale. With a contagious smile that beams with pride, she begins her story 11 years ago, when she and her husband, Glenn, [...]

  • Geothermal super efficiency

    Why Geothermal Is Such a Smart Investment for Homeowners

    New Book, Geo Power, Demystifies a Superior Heating & Cooling Choice June 2015 — A new book, Geo Power, gives homeowners, homebuilders and architects what they need to know when considering geothermal heating / cooling, [...]