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Beyond the Hay Days: Refreshingly Simple Horse Nutrition

– A Review by Erica Beyea for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April, 2017

This 153-page book takes what can be a very daunting and complex subject (properly feeding a horse), and breaks down the science of it into a very understandable and practical read for the layman or beginning horse owner. Having never had the experience of choosing horse feed before, we were left asking opinions of others and following advice, which was often contradictory and confusing. The simplicity of this book was so amazing and it cleared up so much of that […]

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A horse cannot be fed everything it needs to be a horse!

As anyone who has ever tried to stay atop a rank colt on a bad day can painfully verify, pound for pound, the horse is one of the strongest animals on earth. During a mile-and-a-half race, a horse will burn up enough energy to bring a 55-gallon drum of water from room temperature to a boil. Its heart will pump blood faster than a good stock well can deliver water—enough to fill an enviable jacuzzi to overflowing. The water its body loses in two-and-a-half minutes could support a human stranded in the hottest desert for four days.

What is the source […]

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